Split Cooling

It is produced in accordance with the conditions of cold and frozen storage rooms. It conforms to European Union norms and is manufactured with CE mark.




1-Hermetic and scroll compressor and air-cooled condenser.
2-The device has a remote control panel.
3-It is cased to weather conditions.
4-Indoor and outdoor units are delivered with nitrogen charge.
5-It is shipped ready for installation with electrical panel and all automatic control elements.
6-It has electrostatic painted steel galvanized cabinet.
7- High efficiency evaporator design suitable for capacity.

1-Production in accordance with world standards
2-High efficiency cooling
3-Low noise level external cabin compared to its equivalents
4-Quality and reliable equipment
5- Easy installation and installation design
6-Compliance with different mounting methods
7-Wide product range
8-Compliance with HACCP standards
9-Evaporator design which minimizes moisture loss in stored product
10-Energy saving by extending defrost time intervals and reducing defrost count
11-Reduction of operating costs thanks to long cooling periods without defrost
1-Phase protection relay (Low / High)
2-Thermal / Magnetic switch
3-Contactor (three-phase models)
4-Crankcase heater
5-Copper tube aluminum coverslip condenser
6-Liquid tank
7-Dryer filter
8-Sight glass
9-Liquid flow control solenoid
10-Service / Maintenance valve (on liquid line)
11-Pressure switch (Low / High)
12-Gas charging valve
13-Sound Insulation
14-Fan speed control